The majority of these recipes were created when Tim was doing Demo work at Trader Joe’s with Ruth, Jessica, Elizabeth, and Jeff. The site actually started out as Trader Joe’s Recipes in 2002 – a place to share the recipes we were creating in the store.

Alas, the corporate office didn’t like the idea of one of their employees running a recipe site with their name on it, so it morphed into Totally Joyous. Same content without the TJ name or logo. It was then expanded into more recipes, cookbooks, and the actual food blog in 2005.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Products come and products go, so many of them were done and then redone with various different ingredients.

Today, even more products have come and gone, but it doesn’t stop one from taking a recipe and reworking it with something new. Use your imagination and have fun with them. That’s why we made them up in the first place!

And for a bit of historical fun…

2003 Demo Calendar          2004 Demo Calendar