Turkey Breast on the Grill

While at the store, today, I glanced up and saw thin-sliced turkey cutlets in the meat case. I’m a good one for impulse buys, but I looked at the price and decided against them. I then looked down and saw a turkey breast portion – at three times as much weight for half as much money.

Turkey Cutlets

What do you do when you have a boneless turkey breast that is way bigger than you want to cook?!? If you said make some cutlets and freeze them, you’d be doing just what I did! I don’t remember exactly when I made them, because I rarely – if ever – date anything in the… Continue reading Turkey Cutlets

Talkin’ Turkey

Today is Monday. Thanksgiving is Thursday. It’s the perfect day to cook a turkey. We’re not hosting, this year, but we still need a turkey of our own for sandwiches, soup, and all of the other fun things one does with leftover turkey. Our tradition is to make soup on Friday while decorating the house… Continue reading Talkin’ Turkey


The best part of Thanksgiving Dinner is the leftovers. Of all the holidays, it’s the one I really like to host. Turkey soup the day after while we start our Christmas decorating is a tradition I love. Carols playing and the scent of turkey wafting through the house while we lug box after box of… Continue reading Leftovers

Turkey Eggrolls

Since we went for Thanksgiving this year, we had to cook a turkey on Friday because… well… Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without lots of leftovers… And nothing is more in the holiday spirit than on Day Six Of Leftovers swearing you’ll never roast another turkey as long as you live… We were only on Day… Continue reading Turkey Eggrolls

Turkey Soup

When I typed the title for the post this evening, it came up as “turkey-soup-9.” It seems I’ve posted about turkey soup a few times. I went back and started reading the posts, and they all were pretty much the same. “Best part of Thanksgiving.” “Boil the carcass.” Talk about originality. It seems I pretty… Continue reading Turkey Soup

Leftover Turkey

  So yesterday I roasted a turkey. I was doing my regular Monday grocery shopping when I espied turkeys on sale. Total impulse-buy. Ya have to do it once in a while… Turkey requires a few accoutrements and we had a few… gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce, rolls… It was a pretty good… Continue reading Leftover Turkey