It’s rather fitting that we bottled our latest batch of Limoncello on the first full day of Summer – it’s supposed to hit 96°F today – and up to 113°F [*updated] later in the week. In June. In Oregon. It’s definitely time for a frozen cocktail. I think the first time we bottled Limoncello was… Continue reading Limoncello

Orange Olive Oil Cake

Ah… Valentine’s Day… I have to admit that after 26 years, Valentine’s Day does not have the same significance it did when we first met… There’s no need to show one another how much we love one another by buying overpriced roses, expensive chocolates, or overpriced diamonds… No… today, it’s little things. Like baking a… Continue reading Orange Olive Oil Cake


It’s no secret that I made hand-spun pizzas in my youth. I worked at Pirro’s for six years, one month, twelve days, and an hour. I started off in high school as a delivery boy, became the dishwasher, prep cook, cook, and, finally, manager of the place. When I went into the Navy and was… Continue reading Pizza

Pasta and Bread

Around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, Victor asked what I was planning for dinner… I had taken a pork tenderloin out of the freezer and was going to braise it with some cherry tomatoes. He said how about some pasta? and I immediately said yes. He then said we needed bread… Fresh bread usually takes a few… Continue reading Pasta and Bread

Happy New Year

The meal is different but this is a reprint of last year’s New Year’s Eve post… I can only wax poetically about new years so much… If my mom ever cooked anything special for the new year, I really don’t remember it. The first time I recall hearing about good luck New Year’s foods was when I… Continue reading Happy New Year