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We have recipes from family reunions, heart-healthy from the ’90s, artery-clogging from the ’60’s, rustic breads, gooey desserts, hundreds of recipes from friends and family, quick and easy ideas, and whatever we decided to pull together for dinner.
Eclectic, to say the least.

And eclectic really does sum up what it’s all about – fun food for fun people with something for any occasion.

Peruse the site and have some fun! There are several thousand recipes just waiting for you!

Fresh Bread

Bread and Cold

While family and friends across the USofA are getting pummeled by snow and ice, we’re supposedly going to see a bit of slushy snow tonight that turns into rain on Sunday with a temperature hovering close to 50°F. On Monday, we’re supposed to drop to single digits tur...

Steaks and Baked Potatoes

Steaks and Baked Potatoes

Gastronomically speaking, it doesn’t take a lot to put a smile on my face. And sometimes, the more simple, the bigger the smile. A steak and a baked potato are as basic as basic can be – but with the tiniest little tweaks, they can become awesome. The tiny tweaks toni...

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake

‘Tis the season to eat pumpkin – and while pumpkin pie is one of my most favorite desserts, a pumpkin cheesecake ain’t too shabby, either – especially when pecans and maple syrup are included! We’re bringing a couple of desserts and an appetizer to d...

Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

I was busy, today, working on a little project for my siblings… I have a lot of stuff that once belonged to my mom and other relatives that we’ve used over the years, but are unlikely to keep using a lot in the future. I’ve been thinking that they – or the...

Crab Cioppino

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas …

… and more Ghosts of Christmases past have surfaced. Coming from a large family, Christmas was anything but quiet. When it was merely the six kids, it was chaos and pandemonium. Imagine six kids attacking the tree looking for gifts with their name on it. A finite amount of ...

Homemade Gnocchi

Homemade Gnocchi

I have been looking at the gnocchi roller for months. It’s a Mucca Rigagnocchi Gnocchi Rolling Machine from Fante’s in South Philly. Fante’s has always been a pilgrimage site for me. I love the place and can get lost in there – and spend lots of dollars e...

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