Tim Dineen

Ah, my most favorite vegetable in the whole wide world. This is another of those recipes that is only limited by your imagination.

The Basic:

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Flour
  • Butter                        –
  • Milk
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Mustard

Steam the brussels sprouts until tender. Meanwhile, make a light to medium white sauce with the flour, butter and milk. The amounts will vary, of course, on the amount of sprouts you are serving. Add the mustard. This is where it becomes fun. There are about a million types of mustard out there on the market, and they’re all great. Try a teaspoon of Coleman’s Dry for a spicy/hot or a sweet German or Bavarian, Dijon for that tres chic dinner, or plan old French’s, according to your mood.

Add the well drained brussels sprouts to the sauce. Simmer a minute or two and, voila! A most marvelous side dish!

If you don’t feel like making a sauce, throw some butter and mustard in a pan, add steamed brussels sprouts, and saute until lightly browned. It’s another simple dish, and again, the type of mustard you use dictates the final result. Double Yum!