Tom Dineen

(Original recipe – this works best for large groups – serves 25-50)

Take 50 – 100 mild/hot Italian sausages – cook halfway on the grill over HOT coals (about 10-12 minutes rotating every 3 minutes). Put the half cooked sausage in a large roaster pan with 4-5 16 to 20 oz cans of O’Mancini peppers dumped liberally over the top and mixed in (add onions if you like).

Set the roaster on 150 – 200 degrees and let simmer for 3-4 hours. Sausage will have grilled taste but will melt in your mouth.

Serve on Irish hoagies or for West Coast people – sour dough buns. Recipe can be cut for smaller groups but the roaster pan is the key.