(Yields 5 pints)

  • 1 large stalk ginger, sliced thin, dried
  • 2 whole oranges, peel only, cut in 8ths, dried
  • 15-20 pieces of star anise
  • 2 whole ancho chili pod, seeded
  • 2 heaping Tbsp. whole cloves
  • ½ cup fennel seeds, whole
  • 6- 2″ pieces of licorice root
  • 1 gal. good quality red wine vinegar

Place orange peels and ginger on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Bake in a preheated 250F oven for several hours until mostly dehydrated. This step can be done well in advance and the orange and ginger can be stored in an airtight container. Put all ingredients together in a large heavy-bottomed stainless stockpot and cook down by 1/3 over medium flame. Do it on a nice day with lots of windows open!

Cool, strain and bottle.