In a large pot – big enough for 6 – 8 chicken pieces – (Use breasts (quartered if large), thighs, legs (your choice)

BROWN chicken pieces in pre-heated olive oil – -Brown on all sides and remove to a baking dish – set aside- (*until you bake in 400° oven for approximately 1/2 hour, or until done.) (The rice can wait successfully but you don’t want the chicken to overcook. *Bake chicken 30 minutes prior to serving.

When last of chicken pieces are almost finished browning –

ADD 1 sliced pepper – stir for few minutes until almost tender – then ADD 1 sliced onion – cook until transparent It’s important to keep stirring. If the collected brown on bottom of pot burns, it will all taste burned!

ADD 2 whole medium fresh tomatoes – cut up (you can substitute canned – whole or diced – with juice) Stir/scrape until all accumulated brown on pot bottom is collected (roux) If too thick, add some of water (below) to loosen all from bottom of pot

ADD 7 cups cold water

ADD 1/2 tsp. salt

ADD large pinch – or 2 – of Santini SAFFRON (1 use 1/2 of glass jar).  Bring to  a boil – stirring occasionally – for 4 -5 minutes

ADD 2 cups rice to the boillng water – let rice boil rapi<;ily the first 5 minutes then lower heat to just “simmer” – stirring occasionally. Continue cooking for 20 more minutes or until rice is tender. Discontinue stirring the last 12 minutes.

When done remove from burner and **let set.

**If the rice is going to ‘wait’ to be served, you may want to cover it to preserve heat. (Prior to serving this dish, laying slices of a hard boiled egg on top is a traditional embellishment in our family.)