Clean fresh broccoli and cut off thick stalks. Cut the crown into flourettes and trim any of the tougher stems_ Bring about 1 quart of cold or warm water to a boil. Add salt to taste. Add broccoli and cook three to five minutes or until tender. Serve hot with olive oil and garlic that has been slivered.

I don’t know why but my family seems to think I make very good vegetables. I just do what it says to do in these recipes.  I do keep a close eye on the vegetables while they’re cooking so that I don’t overcook them.  As  for the salad, my grandchildren, especially Paul and Stephen, say I make the best salad.  Well, there’s nothing to it except maybe the olive oil.  It’s a good idea to use a good-tasting oil and make sure not to use too much vinegar.

I once learned something about cooking vegetables.  If you’re cooking root vegetables like potatoes or carrots cook them in cold water.  All above-ground vegetables like broccoli and beans should be cooked in boiling water.