• 1 small box of farina
  •  pound of flour
  • 2 cups of water

Mix together all the above ingredients. The dough should be rather hard. Let it rest 1/2 hour.

Knead until smooth.

Roll into 1/4″ circles, the size of a pie. Put each layer on top of one another and brush each one with oil. Cover wi th a cloth.

Cut each circle into 2 inch strips and then into more narrow strips about 1/4 inch. Roll each small piece with buzze needles and then layout to dry or place in a small pan to dry. While first circle is freezing, rollout another circle .

 This is another recipe I used to make long ago.  I can’t do it anymore because of my hands.  I always made them for Eileen’s birthday.  She lives them.  They took a lot of time.  I doubt if any members of the family will ever make them because you have to use a special rolling tool called a buzze needle.  These are really long reeds of grass that come from Italy.  I still have the ones my sister Josie got from Italy.