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The Diner Version of Thanksgiving

My impulse-buy of the day, yesterday, was a turkey breast.

I had most of the makings of a turkey dinner, already – I just hadn’t planned to put it all together as such until I saw the turkey in the meat case of the local market.

Potatoes? Check.

Cranberry sauce? Check.

Bread cubes for stuffing? Check.

I even had leftover corn pudding in the ‘fridge and turkey gravy in the freezer. This was a meal that was destined to be.

It was the diner version of Thanksgiving – no green beans, no sweet potatoes, no pumpkin pie for dessert, but it really did hit the spot – and there’s leftovers.

Victor has turkey stock boiling away on the stove, right now. I see some serious turkey soup in our future. And maybe a hot turkey sandwich.

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