Since we went for Thanksgiving this year, we had to cook a turkey on Friday because… well… Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without lots of leftovers… And nothing is more in the holiday spirit than on Day Six Of Leftovers swearing you’ll never roast another turkey as long as you live… We were only on Day Two of leftovers, but you get the idea. Sometimes a new idea is just what you need to make the leftovers palatable.

Victor had a post on his Facebook page that showed a Thanksgiving Leftover Egg Roll. I looked at it, and said to myself, “self… you could make this.” So I did!

And I really have to say it was pretty darned good! Of course, what could be bad about it? All the fun things from Thanksgiving rolled into an egg roll wrapper and fried?!?

Our dipping sauce was different – Victor used homemade cranberry sauce with sambal oelek – and I made the egg rolls with sweet potatoes, not mashed.

But what fun, eh?!?


Here’s the original video. Short but sweet.

Oh… and since man does not live by egg rolls, alone… I made Turkey Soup to go along with it.


The rest of the turkey, stuffing, and gravy will be getting frozen for a quick meal when I’m working late…

And Victor made homemade pasta for tonight…