Turkey Pot Pie

This is fun – while everyone else in the world is anticipating their turkey, we’re already into the leftovers! For lunch, we had our first turkey sandwiches on (homemade) white bread, with mayonnaise, dressing, and cranberry sauce. They’re a tradition at our house. And a lovely turkey pot pie for dinner.

I broke down the turkey this morning – after baking a pumpkin cheesecake for Thursday – and we now have turkey in the freezer for a lazy meal, the turkey carcass set aside for Friday Soup, and another packet of turkey to add to the soup. Victor baked biscotti, I washed some things in anticipation of Friday Decorating, and got a package ready to send west. All before noon.

Once upon a time, I didn’t get out of bed before noon. That was especially true of the years at Tahoe – well, after my stint at The Old Post Office, where I was at work at 4:30am for a 6am opening. I didn’t have a car back then, so I walked  – trying to hitchhike. More times than not, I did get a ride. It was the ’70s. I was barely 24.

The Hyatt days were especially raucous. One particular night circa 1977 – somewhere around 4am – I was coming back from work and being out. I had made it around the twists and turns of Highway 28 in Nevada and was coming down the hill into Brockway – in first gear and 5 miles per hour in my 1963 VW Beetle. A policeman pulled me over. He asked me why I was driving so slow. My reply was “Because I’m DRUNK!” He took my license and registration, gave them back, and then said “I don’t want to see you driving any faster than you are, right now.” And off I drove home – at 5mph in first gear.

Today, the mere thought of being up until 4am sends shivers down my spine – let alone being so drunk I would be driving at 5mph. I can’t imagine it. Hell – I can’t tell you the last time I was up until midnight on New Year’s Eve!

I’ll keep the early hours to waking up – without a hangover.

The productive morning gave way to a lazy afternoon and then the making of dinner. I pulled the crust out of the freezer – I had it left over from the Beef Pot Pies last month and the filling was just mixing some turkey and vegetables with the leftover gravy and putting it in the oven.

I did a rustic crust – rolling it out way bigger than the dish, filling it, and then folding it back over. Really simple, and a lot easier than rolling out two crusts. I can’t be too productive in one day, ya know…

No turkey tomorrow – at least, not for dinner. I may have leftover pot pie for lunch. Victor will probably go for another turkey sandwich. Thursday we will be ready for the whole megillah, again.

And Friday we start decorating…

This life does not suck…