Turkey Cutlets

What do you do when you have a boneless turkey breast that is way bigger than you want to cook?!? If you said make some cutlets and freeze them, you’d be doing just what I did! I don’t remember exactly when I made them, because I rarely – if ever – date anything in the freezer, but I decided whenever it was, it was time for them to come out and be eaten. I’m masterful like that, sometimes…

The cutlets were a basic flour, egg wash, and bread crumb cutlet that I individually froze and then vacuum-packed with my handy-dandy FoodSaver. I love that thing.

Today, I thawed them and lightly fried them off in a tiny bit of butter and olive oil. When they were done, I pulled them out of the pan, added another pat of butter, and a handful of mushrooms. When they browned, I added flour, then some turkey broth to make a quick pan gravy.

Meanwhile, I boiled a sweet potato… when it was done, I mashed it with some maple syrup and a splash of Red Breast Irish Whisky. This bottle is bottomless! I have been trying to empty the thing for weeks, adding a splash of whisky to a lot of different things – and I just can’t seem to empty it. I suppose I could just grab it and take a slug and get it over with, but, somehow, that doesn’t sound like as much fun as it did when I was a kid. It can definitely suck playing the adult!

On the bright side, I have at least one more dish to flavor!

Frozen peas on the side finished the plate.

The freezer is slowly emptying out, which means it’s getting time to do a Reading Terminal Market run.

‘Tis the season, for sure!