Dinner Salads

Time to start emptying all of those containers in the ‘fridge.

There’s Bean Salad from Friday, Lentils from Monday, and Celery and Apple Salad from today. Plus a brand new bottle of Gorgonzola Dressing! We are living high!

Our produce run , yesterday, saw lots of fresh stuff come into the house – so it’s rather important to use them all up, since we’re slowing down on the soups. Soups are the perfect foil for produce that has seen better days. Bean or grain salads work well in the non-soup months – but not as good as soups.

Tonight’s salad was a base of greens topped with broccoli, tomatoes, radishes, olives, grilled chicken, green onions, bean salad, celery and apple salad, lentils and butternut squash, and cucumber, topped with the gorgonzola dressing.

Fresh foods brimming with flavor.

We’re hosting Easter, this year, and one of our ideas is to have sort of centerpiece salad with lots of different salads surrounding assorted greens and stuff. It’s one of those things I can visualize pretty well – but have to work on the actual presentation. In the meantime, we’re working on the salads we’re going to have – the celery and apple has made the cut! There will also be a bean salad of sorts, and a lentil salad of sorts… And… and… and…

I love doing stuff like that – and tonight’s salad is a bit of a mini-idea… Lots of fun stuff.

So here’s to Spring and Fresh Produce! I can’t wait until we start harvesting our own.