Bean Salad

We’re still measuring weight-loss in ounces, not pounds – but it’s still weight-loss. That’s the word that matters.

On the gym-front, our trainer keeps pushing with rapid-fire sets. There’s nary a second to catch a breath and we’re on to the next ordeal. It really is just a continuous workout.

What has surprised me, is after thirty-six weeks, I can do it! I’m keeping up. My pure pigheaded stubbornness has paid off. The other thing that has surprised me is I feel fine walking out the door. Where once we were both exhausted for quite some time after a workout, it’s now a thing of the past. We get home and have the energy to do whatever we want to do. I just wish the weather would start cooperating, because what I really want to do is a yard clean-up.

I just need to work on patience… It will happen in the next few weeks…

Another thing that will happen is the garden – and we will rely less on the store and more on what we’re growing. In the meantime, fresh veggies and a few canned things work just fine.

I spaced out taking a picture of the actual dinner plate, tonight, but it was a grilled bone-in chicken breast with the bean salad from the other day. Like our luncheon soups, we make the salads in quantity to last a few days.

There are no recipes for salads like this – and no wrong way to make them. Put what you have in a bowl ad tie it all together with a simple vinaigrette. Add some salt and pepper, and it’s a great side or center of the plate.

On to week thirty-seven. I can’t wait to see what our trainer has in store for us…