I just love peaches.  And peaches on the grill just take them to another level altogether.  Love ’em.

Many moons ago, my grandmother’s next door neighbor, Mrs. MacNamee, had a peach tree in her yard.  Grandma would get fresh peaches and make the best peach pies – and then give me peach pie with vanilla ice cream at breakfast.  When my mother balked, grandma would simply say “Peach danish and a glass of milk”.  Grandma always won.

Years later, my sister, Arlene, lived on a peach orchard in Marysville, CA.  We would get lugs of peaches and make peach jam, peach shortcake, peach ice cream, peach pie, peach cobbler, peach salsa…  Peach anything.  And we never tired of them.  I just totally took them for granted.  And boy do I miss them.

Fast-forward to the east coast and the peaches just aren’t the same.  They’re good, but just not as good as getting them honestly and truly tree-ripened from the tree.

The peaches I picked up today, though, were pretty good California peaches – and they grilled really well.  They held their shape but were perfectly soft and juicy.

I filled them with Sweet Peach Chutney I got from the Virginia Chutney Company. It was pretty good.  And it’s made with good, clean ingredients.  They were like having a bit of dessert with dinner.

I also topped the pork chops with a bit of the chutney after rubbing them with Sarah’s Savory Sea Salt with Caribbean Spices. Peaches are a natural with Caribbean flavors.  They just work.

I heated the pasta salad I made yesterday for a side dish and dinner was served.

If only there was a piece of grandma’s peach pie for dessert….