We eat a reasonably seasonal diet.  The heavier sauces, soups, and stews of winter give way to grilled foods, fresh produce, and generally lighter fare during the summer.  But every now and again something strikes a fancy and seasons be damned.  We’re having it.

I had pulled some ground beef out of the freezer this morning thinking I would stuff zucchini for dinner.  After work today, I decided hamburgers and fries were in order.

The temperature outside is hovering just around what I imagine the third level of Hell to be.  Burgers definitely sounded better.

Victor had other ideas…

When I got home, he said he was making shepherd’s pie for us.  Never being one to question someone cooking dinner, I immediately jumped on the idea.  You’re cooking, I’m eating.  End of discussion!

It had tomatoes, celery, carrots, Italian green beans, peas, corn, garlic, onions, fresh herbs, and ground beef, topped with mashed potatoes and parmesan cheese.

I cleaned my plate and went back for seconds.

I contemplated thirds, but common sense roared its ugly head and I acquiesced.

Damn, it was good!

And there should be enough for lunch tomorrow and on Monday when Victor’s in NYC.  I won’t have to eat hot dogs all day long like I normally do when he’s out of town…