It’s kinda cold, wet, and dreary outside today.  Perfect for breaking out the charcoal and firing up the grill!

I bought two different types of rolls yestersay.  Either would work for burgers, but the smaller ones will work better for dinner tonight, so the focaccia rolls were the choice.  I’m a fan of fatty beef for grilled burgers.   4% fat stuff makes for a dry burger  but I had some 4% fat beef that I had used for something else and wanted to use it up.  The solution was to add some sun-dried tomato butter to the beef!  I added just a tablespoon or so for the two burgers and it added just enough moistness and flavor that I didn’t have to do anything else!

The rolls were the perfect  choice for the sun-dried tomato burger, so keeping with the vaguely-Italian theme, I sauteed some arugula for the bottom of the bun, added roasted red peppers to the top, and melted provolone cheese on the burger!

French fries were the A&P house-brand, America’s Choice.  No nasty ingredients.

It was the type of burger one would expect to find at Barney’s in San Francisco.   Juuuuust quirky enough.  And nothing stood out and overpowered anything else.  The flavors all were unique, yet blended just as they should.

Summer is approaching.  It’s time to start thinking about reinventing America’s favorite grilled sandwich.  Again.  And again.

The possibilities really are endless.