My thought this morning was to have a Sunday Ham Dinner.  Ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls…  the whole megillah.  That burger at lunch, however, curbed my enthusiasm.  It takes a lot of work to maintain this figure, but even I have to conceded defeat once in a while.

We decided on sandwiches.

Little sandwiches.  On little rolls.

The ‘fridge still has lots of little pieces of right now – I did a Wegmans run last Monday – so we got to choose different cheese and different mustard for each sandwich.  Sweet beer mustard with provolone, grainy Dijon mustard with creamy gorgonzola, and hot Irish mustard with aged San Joaquin Gold.  Last nights parslied potatoes on the side.

It was just enough to do the job, and light enough to save room for dessert.

There’s a buttermilk cake with blackberries coming up …..