Tired and uninspired.  That’s me, tonight.

I had a bit of beef I wanted to use up, some bell peppers, and some mushrooms.  Pepper Steak over rice.  Quick, easy, basic.  Just what I’m looking for.  Except I was feeling exceptionally lazy.  And there, right on the shelf, was a bottle of Wegmans Caribbean Sauce just waiting for me to open it up.  The label held promise.  It said “Sweet and tangy with a kick”.  Alas, it was zero for three.  No sweet. No tang.  No kick.  Bummer.

I don’t buy a lot of bottled sauces because they usually have crap in them I’m not interested in eating – high fructose corn syrup for one – and a myriad of other frankenfood-garbage that has nothing to do with what my body recognises as nutrition.

The Wegmans sauce was one of only a couple that I saw with an ingredient list shorter than War and Peace.  And no HFCS.

It had an intriguing label from a store I like.  It looked good in the bottle.  I bought one.  And I was disappointed.  The problem with it is that it just doesn’t have any flavor.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  I even added some Guamanian Boonie Pepper to no avail.

There was just no there there. And nothing “Caribbean” at all.  At the last minute I actually added a can of diced pineapple with the juice just to add some flavor.

So…  dinner did the trick.  It filled us up, but I won’t be picking up any more bottled sauces.  I usually have better ingredients just sitting around the house – even when feeling exceptionally lazy.