And boy, do I have a cold.  Ugh.  “Cold Remedies” do absolutely nothing for me.  The cold is going to stay with me for two weeks no matter what. Things that do help alleviate the discomfort?  Chicken soup, saline nasal rinse, and drinking plenty of fluids.   And rest.  And eating well, in general.

Especially the eating well in general part.  Researchers really have given a medical imprimatur on chicken soup.  It really does work.  And while it may be more psychological than medical fact, I do feel better eating certain comfort foods.  Smooth, creamy, softer textures are what I want.  And tonight’s dinner fit just that bill.  And it made me feel better.

Floured and pan-fried chicken scallops with mushrooms over egg noodles with  peas.  Total simplicity.  No weird, unpronounceable ingredients.  Wholesome and made from scratch in 20 minutes.  The older I get the more cantankerous I get over packaged and processed foods.  And if my body is already trying to fight off a virus, the last thing I want to do is put processed and manufactured food-product-stuff into my body and screw up the fight.  I want to give it ammunition, not hobble it.

With that in mind,  I made dinner.  For the chicken, I split a thick chicken breast in half, cut it into serving-sized pieces and pounded it thin.  I then dredged it in a mixture of flour, paprika, poultry seasoning, turmeric, salt and pepper.

Into a hot skillet it went with a splash of olive oil.

After quickly browning it, I took it out and added a variety of mushrooms.  I cooked them down, added some white wine, cooked it down, added some chicken broth, and then thickened it with a bit of corn starch.  I put the chicken cutlets back in to heat through.

A healthy start-to-finish 20 minutes.

And in other news…

It’s snowing outside!  It’s not supposed to really amount to much, but one can always hope!