Chicken Noodle Soup.  Jewish Penicillin.  Actual medicine.

Researchers have actually confirmed what Grandma already knew – Chicken soup helps when we have a cold.

They found that chicken soup and many of its ingredients helped stop the movement of neutrophils — white blood cells that eat up bacteria and cellular debris and which are released in great numbers by viral infections like colds.

Neutrophil activity can stimulate the release of mucous, which may be the cause of the coughs and stuffy nose caused by upper respiratory infections such as colds.

“All the ingredients were found to be inhibitory, including the boiled extract of chicken alone,” they wrote.

Rennard said vitamins and other agents in the ingredients could, plausibly, have biological action.

So Victor made me Chicken Soup.

We had the stock made, so it was just a matter of pulling it all together…  carrots, celery, onions, chicken, and noodles, noodles, noodles.  Simple.  basic.  Nutritious and delicious.

And just because we always need it, I made a loaf of Beer Bread.

Made with Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA.