I called Victor at lunchtime today, and he asked me if I wanted anything taken out of the freezer for dinner.  I said to take anything he liked out and I’d figure out dinner with it when I got home…

Fast-forward several hours and when I get home, I see two beautiful NY steaks on the counter.  Rock solid.  It seems Victor got busy with work and didn’t take them out until about 5 minutes before I got home.  Ooops!

Now…  I’ll fast-thaw just about anything in running water (even the microwave if I’m really desperate) but there was no way those steaks were going to thaw and be edible tonight.  Into the ‘fridge they went for tomorrow and Plan B was initiated – Chicken Something.

I quick-thawed some chicken breasts and sliced ’em fairly thin.  Into a skillet with a bit of olive oil and mushrooms.  When they were mostly done, I added a hefty splash of marsala, cooked it down, added a hefty splash of chicken broth, a quarter-cup of heavy cream, and maybe 2 ounces of brie.  Yes, brie.  It all melted in and had just the rich flavor I was looking for.  I added no other spices or seasonings.  I didn’t even salt and pepper.

Brussels’s sprouts and brown rice finished the plate.


And those steaks are going on the grill tomorrow.  I’m debating a BBQ sauce.  We shall see.