I didn’t exactly go traditional this Cinco de Mayo.  Not a taco shell in sight.  But I did take some traditional flavors and have fun with them!

Starting with the chicken… I marinated it in the Mojo marinade I picked up at Aldi yesterday.  Nice and citrusy…  I pan-fried the breasts to brown and then stuck them under the broiler to finish.  The sauce has a really nice South of the Border flavor without the typical Southwestern spices.  I’ll be back for more!  (Well, not right away…  Victor kinda reminded me that we now have enough sauces, marinades, tapenades, and relishes to open an International Grocery…)

The potatoes are what I was craving all day.  I steamed a few red creamers and sliced them in half and scooped them out.  I mixed cheddar cheese and half a chipotle pepper with adobo with the potato and then stuffed them and put them back into the oven.  Oh yeah.  Creamy, smoky, spicy.

Zucchini, onions, and tomatoes with cumin and Mexican oregano finished the plate.

We have lots of brownies left for dessert, but I bought some chocolate today so I can finish them off with a ganache as they are supposed to be served.

But not right away.  I’m stuffed.

(Two hours later…)

This is what happens when you take decadent and add to it…


Now I’m really stuffed!