Have I mentioned how much I like our new grill?  Well…  I do.

I’m getting a whole new appreciation for outdoor cooking.  While I can’t be quite as spontaneous as I used to be (If I want hot dogs for lunch I have to think about it a bit earlier, for example) but, otherwise, it really is a flavor-improvement over gas.  I like.  A Lot.

So… tonights gastronomical delight was the bone-in strip steaks Victor pulled out of the freezer yesterday.  And oh, boy, were they good.  I used the Harry and David’s Chipotle Bacon BBQ Sauce on them, and while it didn’t add a lot of flavor, it didn’t detract from the excellent flavor of the steaks, either.  Kind of a win-win, actually.

Basic steamed broccoli, but the potatoes were kinda fun.  I made basic mashed potatoes and then added some triple cream blue cheese to them, put ’em in a casserole with buttered garlicky panko bread crumbs on top, and then baked at 350°.  Another delight to the tastebuds!

And tonight, we have a choice of desserts!

I made two small cheesecakes last night – one for Victor’s mom for Mother’s Day to take home with her – and one for us, since I’d rather make two than cut the recipe in half,  ya know?!?  And there’s still a bit of the coffee brownie and there’s that half-gallon (a REAL half-gallon not one of those one and a half quart things!) of Double Rainbow vanilla ice cream that could go with any of them or stand on its own…

I just love dilemnas like this…..