Finally!  I did something with a pork chop other than cook it with pears and red onions!   This time it was pistachios.  And Stuffing.  And Polenta.  And Arugula.

I had leftover dressing from the other night, so I reworked it a bit.  I added some chopped pistachios, a handful of mixed dried berries and raisins and made a deep slit into the chop.  I stuffed it with the aforementioned dressing, rolled it in even more crushed pistachios, and into a 350° oven it went for about 35 minutes.

Meanwhile, I made a creamy polenta with milk and leftover asiago cheese, and cooked up a bag of arugula in olive oil and a splash of lemon juice.  Dinner took about 45 minutes to make.  35 minutes of that time were out of the kitchen doing other things…

Victor was in doing the cleanup (we have a great system; I cook, Victor cleans.  Victor cooks, Victor cleans) and next thing I know, the mixer is mixing away.  Victor is redirtying the kitchen – making a cream roll.  I came in just in time to see him rolling the sponge cake in a powdered sugar sprinkled kitchen towel.  It cooled quickly (it’s winter.  House is not that warm.)  He took cloudberry preserves and whipped it into heavy cream for a great light filling.


It was light, it was rich, it was decadent and sooo flavorful.

And he cleaned up the kitchen, again.