We had Victor’s mom over for dinner tonight.  When Nonna’s over, dinner gets pretty basic.  I can’t get away with exotic spices or overly-creative concoctions.  Nonna likes her food recognizable. She’s pushing 83.  She’s entitled…

Tonight’s recognizable dinner was chicken parmesan.  Thin chicken cutlets breaded and fried, topped with marinara Victor made earlier today, and some fresh mozzarealla and parmesan.  Into the oven ’till the cheese melts.

We also had manicotti  stuffed with ricotta…  And overcooked peas.  And a nice salad.

I love it when she comes over because she’s here and gone in no-time at all.  We work out the timing so she can eat dinner and be back in time for Bingo or Pokeno or whatever they’re playing.  And she always gets a big ol’ doggie bag of goodies to take with her.

And dessert is calling…..