No, we haven’t stopped eating… I just seem to be a bit busier than usual and haven’t stopped to take any pictures.  Sunday, Victor’s mom, aunt, and uncle came over and we did several hours of sitting around the table eating.

It was a rare Sunday that I had to work… It was about 10:30am and I had just finished cooking breakfast for the crew when Victor shows up. Nothing unusual. He’ll stop by the store now and again when he dares to venture out of the house.

He said that his Aunt Lonnie and Uncle Victor were going to come up for a visit. Yeah!!!

Actually, it was something like “We want to come up and visit your mother.”   (At our house. Never mind that she doesn’t live here…)  And “Just coffee. Don’t make a fuss.”  (Never mind that they will be coming up right after church and won’t have eaten lunch…)

So Victor heads out to get a ton of deli meats and cheeses, Italian rolls… the rest of the antipasta tray we don’t have at home. And a cheesecake.

I arranged to get off early because I really LIKE Lonnie and Vic. They take hours to get here (Uncle Vic is not a speeder…) and walk in with – a pecan praline cheesecake, apple turnovers, and a loaf of some really good bread. No fuss, indeed.

They see the table all set and (while beaming) say “We told you not to make a fuss.” Of course, we say “It wasn’t a fuss” and everyone sits down and starts talking, laughing – and eating. “Oh no. I’m not really hungry” says Aunt Lonnie as she wolfs down a sandwich. And then it’s “No. No cheesecake for me,” as Uncle Vic eats his – and she immediately relents with a “just a small piece as she grabs the biggest “small piece” on the platter.

We had a blast.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty much leftovers…  I made paninnis with the leftover cold cuts… I’m doing several web sites right now and spending way more time in front of a computer than usual.  Oh well.  It’s fun…  But I digress…

Tonight I actually cooked, again.

Chicken breasts lightly sauteed…  A half a basket of grape tomatoes tossed in, along with a bit of sofritto sauce, garlic, chipotle powder, cumin powder, and a bit of Mexican oregano.  When it was 95% done, I put a couple of thick slices of cheddar cheese on top and popped it under the broiler.

Served atop refried black beans, with brown rice and buttered corn.

Quite the starchy meal – but dayum, it was good!

And leftover cheesecake for dessert.