Today was a shopping and cooking day.  I had to do our shopping, then I had to take Victor’s mom to a Dr’s appointment and then out for her weekly shopping (everyone will be happy when her car is fixed!!!)

Finally back home, I put a turkey breast in the oven for tonight, and started French Onion soup for tomorrow.  It takes hours to get the onions just right – it’s not something I can do right after work and expect to eat for dinner that night.

So… on our 4-burner cooktop, I had the onions cooking, turkey gravy cooking, potatoes (for Boursin Mashed Potatoes) cooking, and peas cooking.  All filled up – and this is just a simple Monday!

I would really love a bigger stove!  Actually, I would love to have a stainless steel commercial kitchen at home.  Quarry tile floors, floor drains, Refrigerators and freezers with racks that would hold full sheetpans…  And heck, as long as I’m dreaming… a real deep fryer, as well.


Of course, I would need a bigger kitchen, which would mean some major renovations at our house.  More walls down.  An upper floor with a master suite, perhaps…  Definitely a skylight…

Hmmmm… How much is that Power Ball jackpot, anyway?!?