Cooking two meals at once yesterday was brilliant! (Okay – so I’m just slightly modest…)  but coming home today and just having to reheat the French Onion Soup that cooked and simmered all day long yesterday was really a treat.  Soups are always better the next day, anyway…  It was rich, onion-y, and rewarding.

I had a loaf of walnut raisin bread that made perfect cheesey croutons to top (as well as several more to dunk!)   It’s really a good bread that goes sweet or savory with equal ease.

The soup is really easy to make, also…

Sliced onions into the pot with butter, cooked down until they’re a deep, rich brown…  red wine, beef broth, garlic, bay leaves, a bit of salt and pepper…  Simmer…..

Very simple, very basic, very good.