Definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Cookies and candy everywhere!  We were up bright and early this morning and started right off making Aunt Emma’s cookies.


Gino started rolling out the dough and then Uncle Tim took over.  Uncle Victor and Gino filled and formed.  They actually may be the best batch we have made, yet.    Gino has the forming down to a science and we had virtually no leakers or splits. (Uncle Tim always has several…)  The pastry is perfectly light and flaky, the filling really rich apricot…  We did good.

After a nice bacon and egg breakfast, we started in on the biscotti.  We made the traditional anise, and will make some others later in the week.

We made a variation of the Christmas Turtles last night, and chocolate-dipped them today.  Yum.

And then it was non-stop Rum Ball Rolling-And-Dipping.


It’s time for a bit of a breather and then round three (or is it four?!?  I love this time of the year!