It is barely 5pm and it is pitch black outside as we cross the Nevada dessert.  Two hours from Winnemucca and an hour from dinner.  Victor was just semi-busted for smoking in the bathroom.  He personally wasn’t caught, but the conductor said “Someone is smoking” and let everyone know that smoking is a no-no on the train.  Oh well…

This is just too relaxing for words.  I’m reading The Witches of Eastwick again, while Victor reads The Widows of Eastwick.  Another of myclaims to fame is working at The Charles Hotel at Harvard Square when The Witches of Eastwick was filmed.  Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Saradon, and Michelle Pfeiffer stayed with us for something like six mnths filming.  What a fun group of people.

But I digress…

Off to dinner we went.  Tonight’s special was Turkey with all the trimmings.  It seemed fitting.  I’ve been feeling like a stuffed bird since last Wednesday.

Elliot, our waiter, sat us at the last table and kept pairing the next arriving guests with another table.  He was clearly holing our table open.  We found out he was hoping our Japanese friend would show up and he could seat her with us.  He was pissed at the jerk from lunch.

Trouble is…  Our Japanese Lady has vanished.  The Dining Car attendant did not find her when she was taking dinner reservations earlier, and after he took our order he went back to see if she was in her compartment – and she was not.  We had last seen her in Reno when Victor and she had gotten off the train to have a cigarette.  She had her camera with her and was walking down towards the end of the train.

So… we have a mystery on our hands…..

Pumpkin Pie for dessert and in a few minutes we will watch The Maltese Falcon.

Stay tuned.