My first impression has been how quiet the rain is.  The ride is so smooth.  The scenery entering the Sierra’s is just breathtaking. Pictures will never do it justice, although I am taking them now and again.  My great-uncle Tommy was a Train Master for the Southern Pacific Railroad a million and one years ago, and he and my great-aunt lived at Emmigrant Gap where we just passed.  My parents also honeymooned there back in 1948.

We headed back into the Dining Car at first call – we’re no fools – and sat with the same lovely young woman originally from Japan that we had sat with at breakfast.  Unfortunatey, our fourth table-mate was a total jerk whose first question was “What do the Japanese think about December 7, 1941?”  What a total jackass.  She was so gracious in her responses. I wanted to smack the jerk.  We did steer the conversation away, for which she was most grateful.

The Luncheon Menu had quite a bit of variety, and we both ended up with Turkey Salads with Cranberries and Walnuts.  The packaged dressings weren’t the greatest, but the salad itself was great. The lettuce was crisp, the turkey salad flavorful, and the Haagen Daas Ice Cream for dessert the perfect final touch.

We decided after lunch to take a stroll up to the Observation car and check out the snack car and lounge.

We found the noise.  What a differnce between our end of the train and the back end.  It’s not that I’m a snob or anything – really – but I think I’ll be spending the majority of my time up front.