It was a dark and stormy night…  Oh.  Wait.  Wrong story…

Actually, it was a balmy but slightly foggy morning when we boarded the Amtrak bus at the Ferry Building for Emeryville and the California Zephyr. From the moment we boarded the bus, it was evident that this was not an airport.  People were friendly.  People were smiling.  It was almost surreal.

At Emeryville, we were escorted to our compartment by our car steward, and shown all of the luxury features – bath, shower, closets, etc.  It’s quite roomy, has a couch and a comfy chair, desk, air conditioning or heat… All of the comforts of home.  He has coffee, juice, bottled water, etc., all available for us 24 hours a day in the middle of the car.  Need anything?!?  Pull the yellow lever.  I’m going to get used to this right away.

Formalities over, it was off to the dining car.  Our waiter, Elliot, has the car under complete control. You can tell he’s done this before.  You sit where he says and you actually enjoy it.  No singles.  You sit together.  You actually speak to strangers.  It’s a rule.  I like it.

The first meal right out of the station was breakfast.  No menu.  Everyone was served the same scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, croissant, coffee and orange juice.  Worked for me.

And now it’s back to the compartment to sit and relax.

I can’t get the movie The Harvey Girls with Judy Garland out of my head…..