I’ve had a bit of a craving for steak tips, lately.  I don’t eat them often, but I really do like random chunks of beef cooked in various ways.

I’m trying to remember a restaurant I used to go to in Boston that had steak tips…  It wasn’t a fancy place – more like one of the Greek places on Huntington Ave with excellent food and inexpensive prices.  (Okay – it was the 1980’s…)

I just remember them being melt-in-your-mouth-tender.  Pretty much like what we had tonight!

I did a quick marinade with Moore’s Teriyaki sauce and fired up the grill.  Meanwhile, I sliced a couple of potatoes nice and thin and into a hot skillet they went.  After browning them for a few minutes, they went into the oven.

30 minutes later, potatoes were done, steak tips were done, corn was done, and we were enjoying dinner.