I want more of those peaches!  Alas, I don’t believe there are any more.  The last of them went to dinner tonight.  And it was a damn fine dinner!

My sister-in-law Marie’s nephew is from Guam. We’ve met Jay a few times – he’s a really great guy.  The most recent was as Little Gram’s funeral.  Not the most pleasant times to be meeting up with folks you haven’t seen in a while, but…

At the luncheon after the services, we were talking about different things and he mentioned a local Guam pepper he uses on everything.  Naturally, I was intriqued, and he went out to his car and brought in a small jar of a firey red powder.  One little dip of the finger had my eyes watering and my tastebuds clamoring for more!  He said he’d send me some when he got home.

And he did!

I love sweet/spicy flavor combinations, and these fantastic peaches were the perfect foil for the hot and spicy pepper.

I floured and then browned two boneless pork chops and took them out of the pan.  I added 1 sliced red onion and cooked it down.  I added two sliced peaches, sprinkled a bit of the ground pepper, salt, and black pepper, put the pork chops back in, covered the pan and continued cooking about 10 minutes.

Served it all with a homemade rice-a-roni of angel hair spaghetti, rice, peas, and beef broth.

My stomach is definitely smiling tonight!

(And there’s more peach pie for later!)