I cound never be a farmer, but there is nothing more satisfying than walking out into the backyard and picking fresh produce for dinner.  The tomatoes were fantastic, the peppers excellent.

The favors are just so real.  Even a bad tomato tastes better than one of those things you buy in the grocery store.  And fresh herbs… Just wonderful.

Neighbors have kept us supplied with green and yellow squash, and I’ve never met a free fresh-from-the-garden-vegetable that I didn’t like.  You can drop ’em at our doorstep!

So… next year we’re going to be planting a bit more.  We have a small backyard and a huge front yard (I would have loved it the other way around) so we’re going to move a few things in the spring and take advantage of the space we have.

I’ve decided I want to grow a cornstalk.  Just one.  I want to see if we can get a few ears of really, really fresh corn!  I have some tomato seeds from Africa we’re going to plant, and more peppers, of course, and all the fresh herbs…

I’m also thinking *a* zucchini plant (cook ’em young with the blossoms!)

Now, we just have to get through fall and winter…..