Back when I was a tyke, my grandmother would occasionally do something fun like give us homemade peach pie and vanilla ice cream for breakfast.  When my mother protested, grandma would simply counter that it was no different than a peach danish and a glass of milk.  Needless to say, grandma always won these battles, and as my mom became a grandmother, would do the exact same thing and use the exact same argument.  It’s definitely a grandma thing…

Sunday is our big breakfast day of the week. I love bacon, sausage, or ham, eggs over-easy, fried potatoes and a mountain of buttered toast.  Or pancakes with fresh strawberries or blueberries, bananas and walnuts… You get the picture.  Big, calorie-laden, once-a-week decadent delights.

After that strawberry peach pie a few days ago, my pie tastebuds have been going into overdrive.  I’ve been thinking about any number of pies I want to make this fall.  Which brought me to pie for breakfast today.

While I am definitely the first in line at the dessert buffet, I really was looking for a savory breakfast this morning.  I had all the makings for a traditional breakfast, but I was thinking of putting them together a bit differently.  And then the idea of Breakfast Pie hit.

I cut up and cooked a good-sized russet potato and chopped up and fried about 6 ounces of bacon with 1 medium onion.

I had a frozen pie crust from work (I really do like those crusts!!!) already thawing in the fridge, so into the pie plate it went.

I topped the bottom crust with the cooked potatoes and then the bacon and onion mixture.  I sprinkled the last of my quattro formaggio on top, and then poured 6 eggs whipped with a bit of parsley, salt and pepper over all.  Topped with the second crust, and into a 425° oven for about 30 minutes.

It came out perfect!

Victor ate half of his slice and then spread peach jam on the top crust and finished it off.  i remained a purist, but it did look good.

So, thanks for the idea, grandma.  And thanks for all those years of fabulous, wonderful meals.  I sure do miss ’em.