It is so nice to have another cook in the house!  Really, really nice!

My main computer decided not to play nice the other day and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting things moved to the backup disk.  I auto-backup every couple of days, but… I wanted to transfer some stuff onto the laptop.  And I wanted to reformat the main computer – just in case – before bringing it in for service.  Believe it or not, I can get rather narrowly focused when working on the ol’ computer.  It was fantastic knowing that someone was taking care of the culinary needs.

And Victor – fantastic cook that he is – took care of them with style!

He made a baked tortellini that was to die for!  OMG YUM!

He made a great meat sauce, with fresh herbs from the garden, mixed in tortellini, and quattro formaggio… added more sauce and baked.

And a basket of garlic bread made from the Puglia rolls I made the other day and dinner was served!

It was a perfect meal and it gave me the strength to make that phone call to {{{shudder}}} Circuit City.