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Pugliese Rolls

Well… that biga from a few weeks back has been taking up space in the ‘fridge, so I decided I had to do something with it,. today.  This is such a totally easy bread to make, I have no excuses.

I followed the direction exactly as stated with the original recipe but made it into rolls instead of loaves.  I baked at 450° for about 20 minutes.

And then – because I now had these fabulous rolls, I had to make sandwiches for dinner!

I marinated chicken breasts in Dale’s Marinade, pounded them, then grilled.  On the rolls went Duke’s Mayonnaise (which is as good as I was told!  It’s my new favorite!!!) and then avocado, tomato, and roasted peppers.  The sandwiches were total messes!  It took me 4 napkins to get through – and it was worth every one of them!

I’m stuffed.  I’ve been doing some serious eating all day.

And there’s still Peach Upside Down Cake in the kitchen…..

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