French Onion Soup

J’aime le potage!  Thin soups, thick soups, as a side, as a meal.  Serve me a bowl of homemade soup and I’m a happy boy.

I especially like soups because they’re so easy to make and (depending upon the soup) use up all the bits and pieces of whatever I have left over or lying around the fridge or kitchen.  Just about anything goes.

Late this morning I was at the grocery store and saw a huge display of onions.  Big onions.  2 lbs for $3.00.  (Who would have ever thought THAT was inexpensive?!?)  So I bought about 8 pounds…

Onions for soup

I sliced them up, put a half pound of butter into the pot, added the onions, and let them slowly start cooking.  Slowly.  Slow is key to properly caramelized onions. I came back into the kitchen every 15 minutes or so, stirred the pot a bit and then went away.  They can’t be rushed.

Onions caramalizing

After several hours, they started looking like this.  Almost there.   They had cooked down to about a third of their former volume.   Rich caramelized color, and the scent wafting through the house had me going crazy!  I knew it was going to be a good batch!

Soup’s On!

And I was right.  It was GREAT!