A Simple Sandwich

I can’t believe how maligned bread has become.  I love bread in all its many guises – from crusty baguettes to focaccia, beer bread to soda bread, flat bread to Italian pane. Even squishy white bread has its place for a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.

But… it seems folks just don’t appreciate bread anymore.  Bread has somehow become evil.  It is responsible for weight-gain everywhere.  It is to be avoided at all cost – and then eaten only if it is whole wheat.  Then it’s okay.  Granted, whole wheat bread has more nutrients, but if you’re going to make a sandwich, your nutrients can come from your filling, and the bread can be something to compliment – not compete.  Bread itself is not evil.  And breads made with white flour can be extremely good.

Which brings me to tonight’s dinner…

I had cooked a pork loin the other night and had a goodly amount left over.  I hadn’t any real thought in mind when I cooked it – I just knew there would be leftovers and at least one meal I didn’t have to think much about.  That was tonight.  Pork Sandwiches on Focaccia.

OMG!  I did good!

I sliced the focaccia in half and on the bottom I layered roasted red and yellow peppers and then topped with sliced pork loin.  I sauteed about 6oz of mushrooms with a small onion in roasted garlic butter that Victor had made a few days ago.  (Oven-roasted garlic cloves cooled and then mixed into slightly softened butter.  Use for everything!!)

They went onto the top half, topped with sliced yellow and orange tomatoes and then covered with sliced Iberico Cheese.  Onto a sheet pan and into the oven until everything was hot, and the cheese soft and gooey.

With the help of a big ol’ spatula, I got the top half onto the bottom half, cut it into quarters, and Voila!  Dinner was served!

I had some curly fries in the freezer, and they were baked off and served on the side.

20 minutes start-to-finish.  And it was a mighty fine dinner.