Atlantic Spice Company

My latest order just arrived!  YEAH!  I think I’ve said this before, but I’ve been dealing with Atlantic Spice since we moved back east in 2001.  Prior to that, I lived at their sister-store, San Francisco Herb Company.  I’ve been shopping there since the 1970’s.  When we moved back here, I had to replenish all of our spices and went to the SF Herb website only to find a link for their “East Coast Customers.”  I’ve never been disappointed.  Everything arrives within a few days, fresh,  and flavorful.

The Spice Cabinet Half the fun of cooking is mixing fabulous flavors, and my fabulous flavors start in our three-tiered spice cabinet.  A corner cabinet with three lazy susans all filled with herbs and spices, extracts and the like.  The picture doesn’t even begin to give justice to it – it’s chock full of stuff! Over 50 different herbs and spices.  The nice thing is I can look at just about any recipe at any time and know I have what I need to make it.  It’s a great feeling!

The impetus for this particular order was Coconut.  They have great unsweetened coconut for a mere $2.65/lb.  (I bought 3 pounds!) And I was out of Turmeric ($3.15/lb.)  And Cinnamon…  I bought Vietnamese Cinnamon at $4.80/lb.  It is soooooo flavorful!  The stuff is like magic.  You’ll never use McCormick’s again!  And more Ancho chile powder, a pint of vanilla extract and a pound of their Ambrosia Tea blend.  It makes THE BEST Iced Tea!!!

Their spices are always fresh and inexpensive and the service great.  On my last order a couple of months ago, I forgot to order whole nutmegs and a simple email to them had the nutmeg included.  No muss, no fuss.

I highly recommend them.  Highly!