I do love me a man who can cook!

Victor cooked up Braciole last night – rolled, stuffed beef braised in whatever – his choice was a jar of his pasta sauce for this batch.

There are a billion and one recipes for Braciole – every family, region, and restaurant has their own variation on the theme.

For this batch, Victor took round steaks and pounded them thin and then topped with prosciutto, pecorino romano, chopped pistachios, some golden raisins, and breadcrumbs.

They’re then rolled, tied, and lightly sauteed before adding red wine and then the sauce.

Cover, lower the heat, and let the stove do its magic.

And magic, it was! Fork-tender beef with tons of flavor. Every bite had a bit of something different. It was perfection on the end of a fork.

And definitely use what you have in the house! The fillings can all be swapped out… He was originally going to use the mini mozzarella balls, but they kept falling out. They became a side salad.

Use your imagination – there are no chiseled-in-stone rules.

We actually only ate two of them – the third one became a sandwich for lunch on a toasted ciabatta roll.

Yes. We eat well!