We’re definitely not going hungry at our house. Last time I was grocery shopping in the real world was 2 weeks ago when I was at my favorite Trader Joe’s. I did an online order from Wegmans through InstaCart and we received it this past Sunday. Today was a delivery from Atlantic Spice, and on Friday, we’re expecting a delivery from Founding Farmers. I’m really looking forward to that.

The Wegmans/InstaCart delivery was interesting… Some decidedly different substitutions. My favorite was Flushable Fragrance-Free Dude Wipes im place of standard disinfecting wipes. We chose not to get them… I didn’t even know they made such a thing! The wrong cereal pulled, bananas a bit too ripe, an odd substitution for grapefruit seltzer… but all-in-all, not horrible for having someone do your shopping for you and bring it to your home. It was definitely a lot more money, though… Ka-CHING!

The Atlantic Spice order was something I definitely needed but had put off because I thought we were going to be in the process of moving west, right about now. That’s on hold for the foreseeable future, so an order was placed. I was able to get lentils, orzo, unsweetened coconut, and dehydrated soup and dehydrated stew mixes – along with a ton of other stuff. When the fresh veggies just aren’t around, we can always make soups and stews.

We ain’t going hungry.

To add to the fun, I made a loaf of sourdough bread, today… Wanting to conserve flour, and all, I kinda screwed up in my fermenting and rising… Where one is supposed to take out a portion and add flour and water – I just kept adding the flour and water, resulting in a dough that was a lot more acidic than it should be – which caused the gluten structure to collapse. I have a really great tasting loaf of bread, but it’s definitely not what it could have been.

Great crusty crust and a tight crumb…

It may not be worthy of an artisan bakery, but it worked just fine for home use…

And on to dinner… We now have more bacon in our house than we’ve had in a really long time – with another pound arriving Friday. Time to start eating some of it!

I made a bean and bacon soup, yesterday that will be lunch for the next few days, and tonight, wrapped a couple of bacon slices around chicken breasts and green onions. Baked in the oven. Total simplicity. The potatoes were a gateau I had made a few days ago. Layers of potatoes, onions, and cheese baked in the oven. How could it be bad?!?

So… until we can freely grocery shop and sell the house and move west, we’re going to hunker down, eat well, and do what we need to do to stay healthy. This ain’t exactly what I planned to be doing at this stage of my life – but I’m not going to fight it.

Stay well and have some fun in the kitchen. Not everything is going to be an Instagram meal.

So what?!? Enjoy it, nonetheless!