Beans and cucumbers – and a couple of hot peppers – are the first to be harvested, this year. I’m liking the slow start – it’s giving us a chance to plan a bit. We also staggered some of the plantings so everything isn’t ripening at once.

If I can pick a handful of beans every day, we can just add them to lunch or dinner and stay on top of things. The cucumbers, on the other hand, are going to be out of control pretty quick. I’m working on a canning recipe.


The first of the beets are almost ready and tomatillos and tomatoes are not far behind. The eggplant is taking its time, but… I’m sure it will be going crazy in a few weeks. At least we got smart and only planted one.

And then there are the peppers… It’s gonna be hot sauce heaven, this fall!

We’re eating lots of produce nowadays and sharing one steak between the two of us where once upon a time we would each have our own. And making our own salad dressings.


I think I’m spending less time in the kitchen than I ever have – and we’re eating better and enjoying it more.

I think there’s a lesson in there for me, somewhere…..