Baked Potatoes

When we made the Steak and Ale pie the other day, we had some of the filling left over. Tonight, I reworked the filling into a topping for baked potatoes. Sometimes, my culinary brilliance surprises even me.

All seriousness aside, it really was a good use of leftovers. The original recipe called for the pie to be served with roasted potatoes and peas – but that just seemed like way too much food. Serving the filling over a smallish potato worked like a charm.

While eating dinner, we were talking about how much we miss warmer weather and lighter foods. We agreed that as long as we maintained where we are right now, actual weight loss wouldn’t be a priority while it’s still so damned cold. Spring will be here, soon, and it will bring a renewed effort. In the meantime, soups and stews and heavier meals are still hitting the table.

We’re both really looking forward to more salads and lighter fare. I have a dozen salad dressings I want to make and easily a dozen bean, lentil, and grain salads that will soon be taking up refrigerator space. I’m also looking forward to growing a lot of our vegetables. The last two years we really concentrated on peppers and tomatoes – it’s time to branch out, again. I see beets, a zucchini, and different lettuces in our future.

All we need, now, is Mother Nature’s cooperation.