pork chops

Dinner was definitely going to be pork chops, tonight. I had taken them out of the freezer at 3:30 this morning before getting ready for work. I don’t often figure out what I’m going to do with something until I’m getting ready to do it. The beauty of having a well-stocked larder is not having to think – and I’m usually not thinking at all at 3:30 ayem.

So off to work I went. I watched the produce come in and started thinking that the peaches were looking good. I grabbed a few. Needed some potatoes. Grabbed a bag. And then I looked at the wall of apples. The ol’ mind started thinking of dinner – pork chops and apples – and a couple of fuji’s went into my private stash basket. Yes, I will grab things before the store opens. It’s one of the perks of working in a grocery store.

What to do with the apples came into being when I started dinner. Opening up the ‘fridge, I grabbed leeks, green onions, bell pepper, a jalapeño, and those two apples.

I peeled the apples, cleaned the leeks, chopped the peppers, and went to work. I sauteed the leeks and peppers in some butter and when they were about half-cooked, I added the chopped apples. I cooked it all a bit and then added a splash of apple cider vinegar and almost the last of my Old St Augustine Minorcan Spice blend a buddy of mine brought me from Florida. There’s just a tad left.

I cooked it all a bit and then added a hefty splash of pinot grigio and let it all cook together.

For a wing-it recipe, this one came out damned good! The apples were fully cooked but still had a crunch to them, the unseeded jalapeño added just enough heat, and the bell pepper and leek were perfect foils for the apple. I had sliced up some walnut raisin bread and it became a great bruschetta, too!

Great grilled pork chops – just salt and pepper on them – and roasted potatoes.

Another good one!