strip steaks

Summertime… and the grillin’ is easy…

Okay. It’s three weeks to summer – but the grillin’ is easy! Three weeks to summer and four weeks to retirement. The grillin’ is going to be even easier.

Retirement. I still haven’t totally wrapped my head around this one. I’m going to get checks in the mail and/or directly deposited into my checking account – and I don’t have to get up and go to work. This getting old stuff ain’t too shabby!

Of course, with four weeks to retirement, I still have four weeks of work – and methinks the paybacks are going to be fast and furious.

I have had a slight habit for years of embarrassing my coworkers. I’d shout out that it was somebody’s birthday from across the store, walk up to a customer in the checkout line and let them know it was their cashier’s birthday… little things to make people blush or stammer a bit. And I’ve been doing it for more than 16 years. I was rather hoping that since I’ve also been feeding these people for 16+ years that the good food might balance things out, a bit.

Naturally, I was wrong.

This morning when I walked into work, this was hanging on the wall – not in the breakroom, mind you… out in public.

Oh joy, oh rapture.

While I have never had any qualms about making someone else the center of attention, I really hate being the center of attention, myself. Really hate it. I now have 30 days of being it. Oh, joy, indeed.

Fortunately, I did get to negotiate my last day hours. There were a few folks who were trying to get me scheduled 11am-7pm so I would hit all shifts. I balked and said I would rather work a 5am-1pm shift and get out as early as possible. I finally agreed to a 7am-3pm. Personally… I’d rather slink out the back door at noon, unseen, but that’s not an option.

So I’m just going to roll with it. Payback’s a bitch – and I’m sure I deserve it.

To drown my sorrows, I cooked up some steaks, tonight. Rubbed a couple of strip steaks with the rib rub I made a couple of weeks ago and then topped them with fried onions. Fresh corn on the cob and blackberries and apricots soaked in pinot grigio.

Ice cream for dessert.

The livin’ is easy… I just have to get through a few more days…

[countdown date=2018/06/29-15:00:00]
A mere [timer] until I punch out for the last time!